Vocational Training

In your daily work, you're willing to simplify your administrative management, you also need to expand your business and improve your turnover regarding your clients expectations on prices.


Further to regulatory requirements imposed on training organisations, the need to structure processes and follow quality approach is now a key for success.

The implementation of a training management solution is an excellent productivity lever for training providers. At VAL Software's, we understand the importance on creating value. 


AMMON is an ERP system dedicated to the management of vocational training organisations. Today, it's the only solution certified Cloud, with a quaity, performance and safety guarantee. The recognised expertise of this software is a result of more than 30 years of existence. You manage your entire training organisation, from schedules to multi-payer invoices, via reporting.  


AMMON has a massive added value thanks to a set of innovations, such as workflow, new design and screens...

With this training management solution you benefit from:

·         360° vision of your training, resourcess and learners

·         Efficient educational and administrative management

·         Graphical view of all schedules

·         Improvement of your management processes

·         Effective CRM

·         Responsive tool linked to messaging service

·         Financial management tool

·         Strong reporting    


Thanks to this training management solution, our clients have gained in productivity and saved up to 5 days per month and per employee. This time-saving is used on business development, with new training courses and improvment of training offers.


Online services for your clients




Visual Scheduling

Alerts & Reminders

To-do list & Workflow

View of trainers' skills

Customer Relationship

Follow-up actions

Campaign & Marketing

Customer service

Helphul Reporting

Statistics, tables & charts

Export to Excel

Individualised Learner Record

Document Management

Document database


Ease your finance

Cost control

Orders, quotes, invoices, payments

Interface with accounting tool