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21 November 2018

Manage your training organisation with an all-in-one solution

These days you may be using several tools to manage your training organisation, which are independent from one another. These tools work well but you may lose time finding the proper data or by retyping the information in multiple places.

VAL Software has been existing for more than 30 years and has become an expert in cloud-based training management system with the development of AMMON.


AMMON is an all-in-one solution giving you a set of powerful tools to simplify your training organisation management, all within a unique application. Allowing your company to not get confused with a large range of different computer systems not linked to another. Everything is in one place which involves safety and no risks of losing or forgetting any information.

Information at your fingertips!

AMMON has a single database so you will not waste your time searching through all your tools to find the right information and though can have valuable reporting. This gain of time could be used for more valuable tasks such as finding new customers and developing your courses portfolio.

Single management tool while keeping the existing ones!

You have the possibility to integrate your existing systems with AMMON, so you will not lose any information. We can provide you the connection to link our solution to your existing tools and though you will not lose your data.

Save time in your daily tasks!

AMMON’s visual scheduling system can cover the whole organisation, helping you to plan resources and reduce overlaps, freeing up time for managers and their teams to focus on tasks that add more value. Indeed, when you create a training course if there is any overlap, an error message will appear to prevent you, avoiding calendar mistakes.

A solution bringing you some meaningful Return On Investment

Thanks to a survey with our clients, we have been able to measure the efficiency and profitability gain of using AMMON. It has reduced workloads by up to 5 days a month, saving some £40,000 over 3 years by improving asset utilisation, minimising paperwork, automating repetitive tasks and easing admin burden.

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