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21 December 2017

The choices you make today will impact your turnover tomorrow

In an increasingly competitive environment, training providers feel the need to stand out by implementing new processes to improve their efficiency, it can been done through the introduction of new tools such as a CRM or an LMS. Indeed, as a training provider, you are currently facing management confusion due to the large range of different computer systems you are equipped with. So how can you choose the right tool to bring the best return on investment?

According to the survey we have made in 2016 and 2017, since now training providers tended to buy separate management tools whenever they felt a need. For example, when your company starts growing and expanding, one of their first needs is a tool to manage their customer relations and their sales.

As a priority, they will therefore buy a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Then, because it is a trendy tool and because they want to review their courses, training providers will go for an LMS (Learning Management System), adding a tool to the ones already in place. Which often creates confusion, multiple inputs, loss of data and obviously waste of time while looking for the right information. Just try to find the right information on internet when you have no search engine, it is indeed impossible.


In regard of training providers’ appeal to new L&D technologies, the Learning Technologies show is the place to be to find new tools. But how can you make the difference between a solution that will distinguish you from your competitors and bringing a real return on investment, and yet another tool that will be completely disconnected from your existing systems?


On one hand, it seems that training providers should free themselves from the concept of “legacy” according to which it is easier to keep using a system that could easily be replaced by a more modern solution.

On the other hand, there is a question of efficiency. Indeed, according to our UK survey in 2016 and 2017, a training organisation with approximately 2,000 learners per year is spending more than 200 hours per month on administrative tasks. Which leaves no time to launch new courses, improve the business and customer relations.

In this case, a CRM tool is not enough to remove all the paperwork and it becomes a necessity to get an integrated management system.

As a training provider, you can now find all-in-one management solutions perfectly adapted to your business and integrated with your existing systems. Indeed, you have to take care of various processes every day:

  • Course management: enrolments, courses adjournment and training documents.
  • Sales management: quotes, invoices and learners tracking.
  • Management of schedules: identifying the right trainers and avoiding overlaps.
  • Legal and administrative reporting linked to ILR, CPD and apprenticeship.

In 2015, according to the online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal Statista, more than $186 billion (£138 billion) have been spent on the management of business processes.


Did you know that a training organisation of about ten people is spending between 500 and 600 hours per month on non-automated tasks, which could be integrated in an all-in-one management solution and accessible to every co-workers?

Of course, the implementation of such a solution is not immediate. Indeed, to be the most effective, it is important to study your operating processes so the change will be as smooth as possible.

The chosen software provider will assist you through the identification of your needs and will configure the solution so it will perfectly be adapted. You will implement more than a single application, and that’s the difference.

On average, you need between 6 months to a year to have a significant return on investment; meaning an instant productivity growth linked to the implementation of the solution.  In this way, for a training organisation of approximately 2,000 learners per year, it represents an average gain of 89 working hours, therefore a gain of more than £800.

So, as a training provider, what could you do with this gain of time? You would simply become more productive and though spend more time on your customer relations, develop new training courses and find new clients.

Implementing an integrated and automated management solution will increase your productivity gains from year to year.


According to Hervé LAMBARD, Managing Director of the training organisation ACCOPEDA:

So far we can notice an increase in our turnover which is surprising because on the 5th of January 2017 I was alone and now we are 3 co-workers with about 30 part-time trainers. This investment has allowed us to become more efficient, more responsive with our customers and to have a very interesting return on investment”.

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